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What's new in v1.1




C2Birt project is made by a VC++ class, written on MFC, which performs the communication with the Java Virtual Machine, through JNI (Java Native Interface) calls; then this C++ class controls substantially a Java class that, in turn, calls the BIRT Engine API in order to do the following steps:

  • Opens the report design file
  • Configures parameters and rendering type (pdf, xls, ….etc)
  • Runs the building of the report following the four process modes:
    1. Run and Render
    2. Run
    3. Render
    4. Run + Render (two different processes)


The VC++ programmer who  wants to use C2Birt as binary has to:

  • get a Java Development Kit
  • get the BIRT Engine runtime
  • get C2Birt (static library, header file and jar file)
  • configure its application VC++ project as indicated in the guide
  • write a few lines of codes for initialization of C2Birt, only once in the application.
  • write a few lines of code for running the desired report


Then the deployment of the application implies the distribution of these objects:

    1. the application executable (to which C2Birt has been linked in the build process)
    2. the C2Birt.jar file
    3. the set of the report design files


The programmer who wants to use the source code of C2Birt (either VC++ or Java) can do it observing the license terms here illustrated.







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