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How to get the powerful features of BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) in a VC++ application ?


The answer is ....C2Birt.


C2Birt is a lightweight framework that leverages on the JNI and the BIRT API in order to offer the VC++ developer a very small set of commands to run a report made in the BIRT technology, and, as such, it is composed by a binary static library and a jar file.


Once a report design has been developed on the BIRT IDE like Eclipse,  it can be run by the VC++ application: just a link to a static library and a few other settings on the VC++ project make this easy to achieve.


Most of the configuration details are set during the first activation of the application that invoke the initializing method of C2Birt.


In this scenario the VC++ programmer will specify the name of the report, the format of the rendering and the value of the parameters; after this, one of four different methods allows the engine to perform the desired task: building the output document in the desired file format or just generating an intermediate document for later rendering in several formats.


C2Birt, on initialization, takes care of all configuration steps needed for the environment to be prepared correctly and store the result in a configuration file for regular use.


C2Birt is a free software and is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.





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