What is in a nutshell

Joty is a Java based infrastructure for the development of rich client web application and mobile web app or for the development of desktop stand-alone applications that make direct access to a database management system through the Java database connectivity protocol.

It is composed by three parts: Core, Workstation and Mobile.

The Core and the Workstation parts have been developed to live on the Linux, Mac OS X and Windows platforms as well and supports the Oracle, MySql and MS Sql Server dbms-s. The Mobile part, instead, for now, has been developed for the Android OS.

It is composed by:

The main feature of a workstation application developed with Joty is the interchangeability to run either as web application or as desktop standalone application without the need to modify any line of code.

The strength of the feature stays in the possibility to develop and test an application in the desktop / Java database connectivity mode and, only as final step (hopefully), to turn the web mode on and complete the test. This represents a clear savings of factory resources.

Joty can be a chance for transforming a desktop standalone application that makes direct access to a database server (through the local network) into a web application that keeps very similar execution structure and look and feel of the original application. With the last version a mobile flavor of the application can be added, furthermore.