Project details

The entities managed by the app

The app treats the Patient in its basic personal attributes and the Customer in its mandatory attributes to manage the minimum of the administrative position.

Furthermore it manages the appointments in an Organizer specifically developed to only deal with the patient entity in relation of the armchair occupied, along the period of time, even here specified in time slot units, by conforming to the logic of the main application. However no mention is made about the teeth and the operations involved. The mobile app is capable to list and to recognize, as well, appointments which specify these surgical details data and alert the user about its impossibility to manage them or even only to inspect them.

The app collaborates with the workstation application in the covering of the availability of the surgery armchairs.

The list of the customers related to a patient and the vice-versa is then supported by the program.

The images related to the patient is furthermore provided and the list of them is presented with the timestamp and with the tooth to which each image is referring to.

At last All the invoices are viewable and searchable by number, date and customers' last name.

The Java Android project and the use of the Joty 2.0 framework

Built on the top of Joty 2.0, Odontior Mobile 1.0 is a Joty Mobile app for the Android Os and, as such, is a Java Android project the make use of the jotymobile_module Android library the must be listed in the dependencies.

The app source code is organized all within the only java package

The project has the usual "java" folder containing the above package code, next to the "res" folder containing the resource files needed to the app: the "res/menu" subfolder is empty because the app menu is completely built by the app java source code that invokes the Joty Mobile sub-framework.