Project details

The database

The database has been designed from scratch (in respect of the previous version).

The choice for the dbms was MySql

The data model

The new logical model has still the Patient as the central entity but now a many to many relationship with a distinct Customer entity exists.

The complete ER diagram is in the next image.

From the model appears that an invoice (and an estimate) is to be relative to the health care made on a single patient; another way to say is that, even if the customer can be responsible for more patients, an invoice is emitted on single patient basis.

At the Clinical card level the selection context is represented in the model as a many to many relationship between the Clinical card entity and the tooth entity. The selection context is indeed the basis for the definition of the interventions and for collecting related images.

The insurance management is bound to the help that the system can provide when an estimate is to be built. Each customer can have one or more insurance coverage instances. Each of them can be represented by one or more of the three types of coverage contributions available (Deductible/Maximum, Coinsurance provision, Reimbursement plan), and, only for information tracking, the validity period is held by the system. In the case of Reimbursement plan contribution one of the available plans provided by the insurance company must be specified. In the editing of an estimate for the customer one of the insurance coverage instances owned by him/her must be specified, and the system will compute the amount, keeping in account the various involved quantities. In particular if the coverage instance chosen has the reimbursement plan contribution specified, the system, what that is not shown by the model, will diminished each price of intervention by the percentage specified in the plan on the basis of the treatment which the intervention is related to.

The Java project and the use of the Joty 2.0 framework

As project built on the top of Joty 2.0, Odontior 2.0 is a Joty Workstation application and , as such, is a Java project.

The source code is organized in three packages: